Can you believe it’s almost Christmas? It’s been another hectic month in Parliament as this government finally decides to progress its already light legislative agenda before the Christmas break.

Locally, my mind is focused on transport issues and getting out in our community to ensure I hear the issues that matter most to you.

Holding Auckland Transport Accountable

Renewal of Northcote Point Wharf

After previous commitments by AT that Northcote Point Wharf repairs will be completed by the end of 2019, I was shocked to read of further delay to this project. Services won’t now re-open until March 2020 at the earliest!

This project is indicative of AT's shear incompetence. If they're unable to deliver a simple repair project locally, can they be trusted to deliver major transportation projects throughout Auckland?

I've contacted AT's CEO about the delays and will continue pushing this out-of-touch organisation to get on with the repair.

Onewa Road Congestion

AT is soon expected to consult with locals over our proposed permanent clearway and will review the T3 Lane hours. This promise was made to me by AT in response to our submitted petition. I'll keep you informed on upcoming consultation to ensure our voice for change is heard.

AT is seeking feedback on proposed changes to Sylvan Ave in Northcote. The proposed changes include relocation of bus stops, new crossings, and painting of yellow lines. Click HERE for further info and to give feedback on the proposals. 

Congratulations to our Academic Bright Sparks

Congratulations to all award winners at our Senior Prize Givings this year. I enjoyed the opportunity to present awards at both Birkenhead College and Glenfield College. I further spoke to Glenfield seniors about my academic story, and wished them well for exams.

Unfortunately I was unable to attend Northcote College's ceremony due to Parliament sitting.

These ceremonies are a testament to the talent coming through our local schools and I'm immensely proud of their academic achievements. We are blessed with great schools in our community and it's wonderful to see the achievements of many on display.

Leader of the Opposition visits Northcote

It was great hosting National Party Leader Hon Simon Bridges locally in Northcote late last month. We visited schools, hosted gatherings, and visited businesses. 

Simon visited Birkenhead College, presenting to Year 13 assembly and fielding questions from students. From climate change to pensions, Simon and I were impressed by their political awareness.

We later visited Wairau Valley Special School. This is an outstanding school in our community that does amazing work looking after some of our most vulnerable. 

Simon spoke to a full room of seniors at a SuperBlues morning tea, discussing local and national issues.

Later, Simon met a number of owners and managers from our small businesses through to our larger icons like Chelsea Sugar Refinery and Thermosash. It was great to display the enterprising spirit and achievement of our community.

Small Business Issues

Everywhere I go businesses tell me they're struggling under the weight of this Labour-led government. This sentiment is echoed throughout the country. Labour's minimum wage hikes, labour law changes, increased red tape and compliance costs are burdening our small business community.

National is doing work around making life easier for small and medium-sized enterprise (SMEs). Small businesses alone employ 30% of our workforce and contribute around 27% of New Zealand's GDP. Their success is New Zealand's success. 

We’ve already announced the axing of 100 unnecessary regulations within our first 100 days of office, pledging further to cut 2 regulations for each new created. Watch out for further announcements soon – we’re ready to govern in 2020! 

Social Services Discussion Document

National has released our 5th Discussion Document, on Social Services, and we seek your feedback. We want Kiwis to lead independent and healthy lives. This means ensuring there's opportunity for people to get ahead under their own steam, with a safety net to support our most vulnerable. 

Families are at the heart of everything we do. National will make sure New Zealand is the best place to raise your kids and to grow old, that starts with a government tackling our most complex challenges.

Issues include addressing elder, family and sexual abuses; improving home ownership rates; supporting new mums; and increasing home ownership. We welcome your feedback HERE. 

National is doing the work that Labour and the Coalition failed to do in 9 years of opposition. 

Remember that my team and I are here to serve you! Feel free to phone me on 419 8021 or email me at if you have any issues.

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Best regards

Dan Bidois
MP for Northcote

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