Today is back to school day, I hope you’ve enjoyed a bit more time with your kids over the past two weeks. If you don’t have kids, I hope you’ve at least enjoyed the lighter congestion on the roads!

Parliament has been on a break over the past three weeks so it’s been great to have been more present in our community and focusing on important local matters.

Onewa Road Petition Submitted!

Last Thursday I presented our 4000+ community petition to Auckland Transport calling on them to trial new solutions to address Onewa Rd congestion. Thanks if you signed our petition and supported this important campaign for our community!

This petition demonstrates that there is a strong desire for more to be done to ease congestion on Onewa Rd. I'll be following up with AT soon to go through the petition feedback and get some clear priorities on this important issue.

AT already has an extremely poor reputation in our community. They have a unique opportunity with this petition to show us that they do listen to our concerns and are in touch with the communities they seek to serve.

To view my letter to the CEO of Auckland Transport, click here to view my Facebook post.

Happy Matariki

In late June both Birkdale North School and Windy Ridge Primary hosted Matariki celebrations. Hundreds of kids from schools across our community attended the events and performed a range of traditional songs to celebrate Matariki.

Matariki marks the New Year in the maramataka Māori calendar. Traditionally it has been an occasion to gather with friends and whānau to look back on the past, celebrate the present, and plan for the future. It was great to see so many of our kids perform and be immersed in Maori culture to mark the occasion.

These events are important to help our rangatahi learn more about our Māori heritage and celebrate our inclusive Kiwi culture. Well done to all schools and kids who participated in the events, and ngā mihi o Matariki – a happy Matariki to you all.

Celebrating Northcote Enterprise

We have some amazing businesses in the Northcote electorate. In my youth, I completed a butcher's apprenticeship and it taught me so much about private enterprise and the grassroots economy.

Recently Grant Wright from Highbury Butcher showed me around his shop and let me pick up the tools of the trade after 17 years in the wilderness. Thanks to Grant for showing me around and for all you do for our community!

There’s some great businesses in our community - if yours is doing something unique or has a long history of serving our community then please get in touch! I’d love to visit and profile all the good work you do.

Northcote Youth MP: Claire Randall

Last week Northcote's Youth MP Claire Randall spent a couple of days in Wellington to participate in Youth Parliament.

Youth Parliament is a great opportunity for young leaders to learn more about our democratic process. It's vital for the on-going success of New Zealand’s democracy that we have youth who are engaged in political discourse. As Nelson Mandela said, "the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow".

Claire was one of 120 young leaders who had the opportunity to sit in the debating chamber and actively participate in Parliamentary proceedings. During Oral Questions, Claire had the chance to ask the Minister of Finance "how can the Government support the well-being of young people and youth as they enter the workforce and start to benefit the economy?"

Claire, a Year 13 Prefect at Northcote College, thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to develop her understanding of our legislative process and meeting like-minded students with an interest in politics.

Taxes and Regulations Driving Higher Cost of Living

It’s becoming clear that the government’s fuel taxes and increased regulations in the rental market are flowing through to increased prices for Kiwi families.

Annual inflation for the year to June was 1.7%, up from 1.5% from the March 2019 year. Driving this increased inflation were rents (up 2.5%) and petrol prices (up 3.3%).

This government fails to take responsibility for its role in driving up cost of living for Kiwis. It prefers to blame others for their domestic economic woes - the previous National Government, Chinese and American trade tensions, and Brexit!

National believes in a strong economy with growing incomes and lower cost of living. Central to achieving these objectives is lower taxes, less regulation, and greater competition.

National will soon be publishing our Discussion Paper on the Economy. We'd appreciate your input on how to address our key economic issues and to help frame our vision of New Zealand’s economic future. I'll update you on details once the document is released for consultation.

I'm always available to discuss issues further - feel free to phone me on 419 8021 or email me at

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Best regards

Dan Bidois 
MP for Northcote

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