National’s Northcote candidate Dan Bidois is calling for Auckland Council to commit to building new park and ride facilities in the electorate, to ease residents’ congestion woes.

Mr Bidois has identified potential areas at the planned Northcote and Highbury town centre redevelopments, which would integrate with existing routes and ease congestion on both Lake and Onewa Road.

“The Northcote electorate is about to undergo the biggest transformation it has seen in fifty years, with massive redevelopments planned at Northcote and Highbury,” Mr Bidois says.

“I have been impressed with the work that Panuku, Auckland Council’s development arm, has done in developing a vision to modernise the tired Northcote town centre to make it the heart of that community and ensure it supports planned housing growth.

“I am calling for Auckland Transport to commit to using space identified by Panuku for parking, for a full-fledged, multi-story park and ride facility.

“It’s called public transport for a reason, because it is meant to serve the public’s needs. It is not good enough to tell our residents to just get on a bus when the quality services aren’t there.

“I also want to see investment in a park and ride facility at Highbury. With the mall recently being sold, and a redevelopment of that town centre underway, now is the time for Auckland Transport to show some leadership and strike while the iron is hot.

“Park and rides are an achievable, tested and practical way we can tackle congestion in the electorate and get our people moving again. They are shorter term measures that will help now, supporting longer term solutions like a second harbor crossing and rail to the Shore. 

“Phil Twyford and Phil Goff have identified $28 billion for transport projects all over the city, so there is clearly cash available for local solutions like these.

“Tackling congestion and improving public transport is the number one issue of my campaign. That’s why I’m fighting for a comprehensive plan to get our people moving again, and more park and ride facilities need to be a significant part of this plan.

“I’m committed to Northcote and am in this for the long haul. If elected, I’ll work with a range of stakeholders to see that we get the services we pay for and deserve.”

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