Dan Bidois has been selected by local party members as National’s candidate to fight the Northcote by-election.

Mr Bidois is currently Strategy Manager for Foodstuffs. He was raised and educated in Auckland, leaving school at 15 to complete a butchery apprenticeship with Woolworth’s New Zealand. Aspirational for his future, he went on to study at the University of Auckland, and attended Harvard University on a Fulbright Scholarship. He has worked as a strategist and economist in New Zealand, the United States, and Malaysia.

“It’s a true honour to be selected as National’s candidate in Northcote,” Mr Bidois says.

“I’m incredibly proud to have the chance to take up the fight for Northcote residents and represent them in Parliament. 

“Northcote residents work hard and pay their fair share of rates and taxes. They expect their fair share of quality services in return - like un-congested roads and better public transport options - and they deserve a Council and Government that can manage their finances to provide these services without constant rates and tax increases.

“The hard-working people of Northcote are not a Piggy Bank for Phil Goff, Jacinda Ardern and Winston Peters to raid to pay for pet projects on the other side of the Bridge that won’t benefit us here.

“I’m asking for your support because you deserve better, and I want to be part of a National team in Wellington that will stand up to those in power to address the issues facing Northcote.

“My message to Northcote voters is simple: I am in this race for you, to fight to get this electorate moving and the services you deserve.

“With a strong MP like me in your corner, we can and will get results.”

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