Wow, it’s hard to believe Christmas is next week and the end of 2019 is near. I hope this year has been kind to you and that you have achieved all you set out for you and your family.

Reflections on 2019

2019 marks my first full year as your local MP and it’s been great. Every day I’m reminded of our strength of spirit and the aspiration of our community.

Whether it was the coming together following the March 15th terror attack, informal ANZAC day gatherings after Council cancellations, or the hundreds of community-led initiatives I’ve witnessed throughout the year. I’m proud of how our community backs each other in tough times.

My highlight has been advocating for our most important local issue: congestion and public transport. As the below updates shows, we can make progress on these issues if we are persistent and enlist the support of our community in the process.

Making Progress on Transport and Congestion

Onewa Road Congestion

In response to our petition, AT has committed to trial a no parking clearway down Onewa Rd in 2020. AT officials told me that consultation on the trial will begin after the start of the 2020 school year, with the trial lasting 3-6 months thereafter.

The purpose of the trial is to gather data to assess the effectiveness and decide whether the clearway is made permanent. This is a great win for our community. Your Local Board members, Cr Richard Hills, and I will be jointly working on this in 2020.

Renewal of Northcote Point Wharf

After 18 months of closure and delay, AT has finally committed to a new design for the repair of Northcote Point Wharf. Construction is expected for completion by mid-2020. 

I know many of you are frustrated over this issue. I certainly am. Thanks to our Local Board Chair John Gillon and Deputy Danielle Grant for their continued advocacy. I will continue holding AT accountable to ensure they deliver and keep our community informed on its progress.

Harbour Bridge Shared Path

This week NZTA’s Board will approve the detailed business case for the Shared Path across the Harbour Bridge. Construction is likely to start late 2020.

I’ve previously stated my two concerns: the first, that NZTA still don’t know how the Shared Path will connect to SeaPath. The second, there’s no provision for extra parking, placing further pressure on an already congested Northcote Pt.

I’ll be reading the business case as soon as I get my hands on it and will be pushing NZTA to take our concerns on-board. I don’t trust Minister Phil Twyford in delivering this project, which is why I’m on the case to ensure that it gets done right.

Proposed Birkenhead Ave T3 Lane

AT is still investigating the construction of a T3 Lane down Birkenhead Ave. Earlier this year 1200+ locals provided feedback to AT and 86 percent were opposed to a T3 lane on Birkenhead Ave.

I’ve told AT a T3 lane won’t address the real issue of congestion which remains at the Onewa Rd and Birkenhead Ave intersection.

We need AT to listen to our community, not follow blind dogma that pervades their organisation. I continue advocating against such proposals and will keep you informed. 

Jacinda's Year of Non-Delivery

2019 was touted to be Labour's 'Year of Delivery'. Instead, what we've seen is a flop - with it being a Year of Non-Delivery. Here’s an analysis of what Labour promised and what they have ACTUALLY delivered in 2 years:

This Labour socialist experiment has clearly failed. New Zealand can’t afford another 3 years of this Labour-led government.

National Doing the Policy Needed in Opposition

In the past month, National released three Discussion Documents and we would like your feedback on our policy ideas as we prepare for the 2020 Election.

Transport and InfrastructureNational will further prioritise the big infrastructure projects that our country needs to keep moving. We need infrastructure fit for the 21st century. 

RMA Reform and Housing: The costs around building are too high, worsening housing shortages. We propose repealing and replacing the RMA - cutting red tape to ensure houses get built.

Health: We want more Kiwis accessing high-quality healthcare. National would require our local Waitemata DHB report their performance and meet targets, such targets worked under the last National Government and saved lives.

National is doing the work that Labour and the Coalition failed to do in 9 years of opposition. 

Local News

Spero Shoes has a temporary pop-up shop downstairs at CRAVE, 30 Mokoia Rd, following the tragic burning of their store.

Kauri Park Primary recently celebrated their 50th Jubilee.

A late happy 50th birthday to Steve Simms, owner of Birkenhead Brewing Co!

Northcote Pt local Fraser Whineray, CEO of Mercury Energy, was named Deloitte Chief Executive of the Year earlier this month. 

And that’s it from me, have a safe and happy Christmas and New Year! I hope you're able to rest over the holiday break with your friends and family, ready to make a success of 2020!

I’ll be spending Christmas day with my family then heading to America to meet my girlfriend’s parents for the first time, wish me luck! I’ll be returning to Northcote in early January to hit the ground running for success in 2020.

A reminder that my office will be closed over the Christmas break from December 20th –  January 8th. I'm available at if you have any urgent issues.

Merry Christmas!

Dan Bidois
MP for Northcote

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