Northcote needs a fighter, someone to stand up to Auckland Council and the Government to get us the transport improvements and services we deserve.

I’ve been a fighter my entire life – from when I was adopted at 9 months, to dropping out of school at 15, beating aggressive bone cancer, falling in love with education and eventually graduating with a Masters from Harvard.

I’m proud to live on Onewa Road and call Northcote my home, and I now want to bring my economic credentials, my real-world experience, and my determination, to get results for you.


1) Transport – A Comprehensive Plan

We spend too much time sitting in traffic or waiting for public transport and we are over it. There isn’t one solution so I fight for a comprehensive transport plan that will get Northcote moving:

• Improved roads (e.g. Onewa Rd, Sylvan Ave, Sunnybrae Rd and Lake Rd).
• Better public transport (more park and ride facilities, more regular buses & ferries).
• Better connections (e.g. widening the motorway onramps).
• Pushing to bring forward the second harbour crossing.
• Trialling T2 lanes and permanent clearways down Onewa Road.
• Sensible cycle lanes.
• A Skypath that stacks up financially and links with Seapath.



2) No to new taxes that don’t deliver for Northcote

Northcote residents are paying an extra $11.6 million per year in fuel taxes. That’s $700 extra a year per family, per car.

• I will vote against and be vocal opponent on any new taxes for Northcote residents.
• Council needs to be held accountable to deliver the savings Mayor Goff promised in his campaign.

All new funding projects can be funded through Council savings instead of raising taxes on hard-working families.

Northcote has significant shortfalls in the Auckland Council transport plan and I don’t believe we should pay more in fuel taxes to fund other parts of the city, without getting anything for it.



3) Improve Local Services

As your MP I'm fighting to ensure we get our fair share of services for the taxes and rates we pay for.

• Ensure intensified housing developments have the infrastructure they need around them.
• That means carparks, waste-water drainage, sufficient schools and transport infrastructure.
• I oppose any intensification plans without the necessary services, like what’s proposed on Zion Road.