A Government and Auckland Council plan to throw more cash at the city’s transport needs does nothing for people on the North Shore – in spite of forcing them to pay $15 more every time they fill up, National’s Northcote candidate Dan Bidois says. 

“Today we’ve got proof that actions speak louder than words, and that despite what it says, Labour doesn’t really care about hardworking residents on this side of the bridge,” Mr Bidois says.

“They’ve got cash for trams down Dominion Road and cash for the south, east, and west of the city - but the North Shore seems to have fallen off the map – in spite of the massive new petrol tax. I’d like to ask Phil Goff and Phil Twyford, why that’s the case?

“Northcote residents, from Birkenhead to Glenfield are being forced to fork over hundreds of dollars more per year in fuel taxes to pay for this plan yet will get absolutely nothing new for it. We deserve better.

“If Labour was better at managing spending and was focused on growing the economy so we can afford the services we need, it wouldn’t have to hit families and businesses with drastic tax increases.

“Now, more than ever, the electorate needs a local champion who will challenge the status quo thinking that nothing over the bridge matters, and fight a Government and Council that wants to use Northcote as a piggy bank to pay to get the rest of the city moving.

“This by-election is a chance to elect a local MP who will stand up to the politicians and bureaucrats and fight for Northcote to get its share of improved transport services. That’s what a vote for me will deliver.”  

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